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Listen from heart and hear from brain

And always listen to your heart beacuse mind manipulates….

Once a friend of my mine asked me a samll question , how to remove negaitive thougts ,although i dont have such ,but for a moment i stunned ,because i have nothing to speak..,, everything went normal days passed but still I was always eager to know how to get rid of negativy .. because there is no such law in universe that can remove a negative vibe from your life .

Than I understand its all about the state of mind , negativity comes from the people we hate and we must not think of that person with our mind because mind manipulates so we must always try to listen to our heart .. and sooner or later the person will not bother you any more ..

If the person, who in general asked me about it reading this post .. let me know that if i am right or i m wrong…


According to me there are five levels you face in your life if we are in front of some one…..


There is Point where Nothing can be happen more worse or more good to You..

But the moto of acknowledging this point is that a geniune person can not get more than there expectations.

Nither the problem will be too worse to stay nor the good thing stay for too long….

Every thing has saturating point………..


life is an adventure with day to day trouble..

Today the word is fighting against our own brain which manipulates us . our plan are not ours and our destiny can easily be changed,

thats the power of nature .. Dont get too devoted and focused on one thing .. there will be something in life which will be always missed.. either you accept the fact or you not…..

Life is meant to be lived not to think….,,,

Try to live the way yo want.

People nowadays used to think a lot of each and every plan they assured but this are materialistic Plan and materialistic things doesn’t goes on for a long period of time.

There are already many aberrations in each of our life ..

It is very abstruse to find the meaning of life.

Try not think just start living.

………. life cannot be faithful every time………

Reel And Reality

The future belongs on today’s generation and this get pass from one level to another. In this world the we are basically captured into two thing one is reel and the other is reality,
according to me reel is something which we imagine and reality happen when we push our
imagination to creation. 
at a first glance of this you will understand that we are bounded or surrounded all together
with the reel of your life,
most of the time you often imagine that you can do and some time you imagine the thing which you cannot..
the thing which comes to creation always give a better result , there must be few certainty that it wont give you fruitful result ..
people think that there demand can only be fulfill if they possess there hard work into it,
but before initiating some thing in your life  you have live that moment for a reel,

you have to thing several pros and cons of it , and most probably the amount of success you get by doing it,
for an example—if you want to buy a car
you must see your needs and deeds as well as the consequences,
and by your imagination
you have to just live that moment,what could be the end on result
and if your happy and in a desperate need of it ,
your imagination will surely changes into your creation……
and in this way both the technology and life goes on…………………………
thinking and creating


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